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Do You Need More Leads?

Do You Need More Leads? In an ideal world, you would approach customers with your products and they would instantly buy from you, but unfortunately, that is very rarely the case. This is why it is so important to build leads for your business. Leads could be as simple as …
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4 Ways To Ensure Success For Your Retail Business

4 Ways To Ensure Success For Your Retail Business There is a lot of competition out there for retailers, and if you want to make sure you stay ahead of the game, it is important to get it right from the offset. While there can be challenges, it can also …
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Building a Strong Brand: How to Get It Right

Your brand is everything – get this wrong and your entire business may end up suffering. The brand of your business is what people think – their perception of your business and your overall reputation. It is important that your brand is viewed positively and that it stirs up positive …
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Promotional Staff are Perfect for Your Race Meeting

Promotional Staff are Perfect for Your Race Meeting As the winter National Hunt racing season approaches, you may be wondering how to deliver added value for your sponsors and bring extra excitement to racegoers. Promotional staff could answer both these dilemmas for you. Promote Sponsor Loyalty There are many racecourses …
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From Launches to Conventions: Why Promotional Staff are Best for Any Business

From Launches to Conventions: Why Promotional Staff are Best for Any Business Ever wondered if using promo staff is right for your industry or event? Whether you’re looking to promote a new fragrance, build some excitement at a live event or lend some atmosphere to a convention, promotional staff are …
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What Makes A Great Promoter?

Promotional staff are an ideal addition to any business for many reasons, such as if you’re putting on an event, attending an exhibition, or finding the perfect and effective ways to market your business, there are many benefits to hiring promotional staff. Here at Breeze People, our promotional staff have …
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4 Traits Every Promotional Staff Member Should Have

Promotional staff can be incredibly useful for your events. They can create an environment of fun and play a crowd, but what is it about them that allows them to interest and entertain so many people at once? We’re always looking to hire the best promotional staff, so it’s crucial …
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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Promotional Staff for Your Events

Events are vital to ensure that you garner potential clients and investors. Regardless of what you’re promoting, services or products, promotional staff can truly help you to accomplish your goals. Gaining brand loyalty doesn’t have to be a hassle, as promotional staff helps you to get ahead of your competition …
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Everything You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

A rising star in the marketing vocabulary, the ‘influencer’ is a marketing tool that is growing in prominence across the marketing landscape. However, everyone’s interpretation of this particular marketing technique has taken very different turns in most cases.