Connecting Brands With People in Brighton

Breeze People is a leading UK live engagement agency.  We hire the best promotional staff for your activation or live event in Brighton.

People are at the heart of what we do, so to ensure only the best promotional staff represent us and our partner brands, our books are capped.  

Our promotional staffing hub in Brighton boasts an active pool of fully profiled, engaging, on-brand staff who have the ability to communicate, engage and connect with your target market.  

Whatever type of live event or activation you are planning, we guarantee to deliver only the best talent and a bespoke service that will create memorable experiences - experiences that are aligned to your campaign objectives to achieve the desired results.

Brighton presents so much opportunity for brands who want to connect and engage with their audience.

Located on the southern shore of the UK, Brighton has a large, vibrant, cultural, music and arts scene.  It also has a bohemian feel about it, with quirky shopping areas and an abundance of museums and galleries to explore.

Tourism is big business in Brighton.  It attracts more than 8 million tourists each year.  Not only is Brighton famous for its stunning seaside, soaring observation tower and iconic Palace Pier, but it is also known widely as the LGBTQ+ capital of the UK.  Naturally, this makes Brighton home to the UK’s biggest Pride Festival, as well as host to many high profile sports and music events.

Your brand has the opportunity to reach a wide range of consumers in Brighton!


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1million +

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Our books are capped to ensure only the best promotional talent represents us and our partner brands. We’ve built an active team of fully profiled, energetic, on-brand promotional staff who have the ability to communicate, engage and connect with consumers.

  • Brand Experience / Experiential
  • Exhibitions
  • Sporting Events
  • Festival activations
  • PR stunts
  • Retail activity / In-store
  • Promotional Roadshows
  • Street marketing